Maze Theory


b. 1986, HK.


Challenging virtual

We are a restless team of digital creatives, tirelessly seeking out new ideas that will push the latest in VR capabilities. We draw on our vast experience in animation, games development, film production and storytelling to produce the best in VR. Groundbreaking tech is not our only goal – our main focus is on redrawing the lines of storytelling and creating truly immersive VR entertainment.

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Meet The Team


Ian Hambleton

Chief Exec, MazeTheory

Founder of Output Group and the global creative network Glug Events.


Marcus Moresby

Partner, Creative Director

Previously Creative Director at award-winning content studio Found. Before this he was Head of Motion at Mainframe.


Russ Harding

Executive Producer/ Creative Director

Russ has had over 24 years of designing and creating innovative interactive experiences across a variety of genre and audiences. Russ is a vision holder and developer of the creative process, specialising in the use of emerging technologies such as AR & VR.


Geoff Heath

Non Exec / Advisor

CEO and founder of NCsoft Europe, currently on the board of a number of UK and US multimedia companies, European MD for Activision, established Mindscape International, the European arm of Software Toolworks, Chairman at Climax Studios.


Mark Hardy

Marketing Advisor / Board Member

Former VP of Marketing Sony PlayStation Europe, Marketing Director Syco Entertainment, Global CMO Viber, Brand Management Disney/Pixar.


Dr Dave Ranyard

Technical Development Advisor

CEO of Dream Reality Interactive. Formerly the Director of Sony's London Studio, where he oversaw Sony's critically acclaimed ventures into the world of Virtual Reality on PlayStation. Notable games include Ocean Descent, and Dangerball.